Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Memories of High-school.

One of my favorite memories of high school was sophomore year when I was home-schooled. Not the I don't absolutely love going to a publicish high school, I just have really good memories of that year. During that year I got to know my best friend. I was already friends with his sisters but hadn't gotten to know him very well until we got cast together as Beatrice and Benedict in a play our group was doing. It was most fun play I have ever done. We did it as pirates. Dorky, but incredibly enjoyable. We've been friends ever since. Most of the people in that particular home-school group I'd known since I was ten or younger and it was so much fun running around putting everything together and trying to explain to the younger kids what the Shakespearean meant and that they actually had to put some emotion into it when they said their lines. And that memorizing them was a good idea too. But it turned out adorable and I miss it a lot. Even the weirdoes that stereotype home-schoolers as those kids who can't talk to people and read books all the time. With glasses. I thought I'd be glad to stop being home-schooled when I got out of it. But I found out I really love the people you meet. Even the ones just on this side of crazy.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The best thing about Idaho

So today I'm feeling a little nostalgic so I figured I'd talk about the best thing about growing up in Idaho. Which is the people. I was born in Washington and lived in Tennessee before my family moved to Nampa, so I've never really been fond of the scenery here. Nor the cold, and, as anyone knows who has even visited Nampa, there's not a ton of stuff to do entertainment wise around here. So that leaves, as I said before, the people. Nowhere on earth will you find people like the one's here. there is such a diversity of personality and culture in the white hicks of idaho. There's people who are so down to earth and will give you the shirt off their backs if you need it. And there are others who are fantastic at what they do but will go out of their way to help you if you can't get it right. They are so much fun, and are determined to enjoy all of life. While working their butts off at the same time. At the moment I am living with a couple who I didn't really know before this. They were my little brothers piano teachers and when they heard that we were going to be homeless for the last few weeks of school they offered their home and hospitality to me my mother and my two younger brothers for as long as we needed it. Growing up I'd always call my friends moms "Mom" because thats what they pretty much were to me. The best thing about Idaho is the people. Ever.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, today I was goning to talk about moving out of my house this weekend since that's what my family did, but, since I wasn't actually there and don't have any pictures I'm going to talk about where I went. So my choir went to California for a competition this weekend. It's been six years since I'd gone and I was really really nervous that I wouldn't do as well as I had when I was eleven. Back then we did phenomenal coming away with five awards and one of the best in the festival. This time we took six awards as well as an invitations to compete in new york. We were told we were the best in the show. Nice to know you've improved over the years. Anyways California is one of my favorite places ever. I love all of the trees and I absolutely love the city. The tourist attractions are really cool but I think my favorite parts are the parts with crowded building right next to each other in mile long white rows. I think it's a different gorgeous kind of beautiful.

This is us outside of the building after competition. 

These are my choir directors, Linda and Bruce Walker, holding the awards we won. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cat problems.

This spring break I did a bad thing. I went and took my cat to get a hair cut. She really needed it, ever since she got some flu a long time ago she gets mats really bad in her hair. So it was pretty much all we could do for the poor thing. Unfortunately she didn't think so. I have never seen a depressed cat before in my life. It was awful, she sulked and pouted for two days straight. She wouldn't leave my room and she'd glare at anyone who even looked at her wrong. No kidding. My cat has kind of an attitude. It took the poor lady we took her to two hours just to do get her cut. And then she looked like something that had come out of some sort of sick razor machine. So today we took her back to the lady so that she wouldn't freak out the neighbors. She looks better now, but only compared to what she looked like the first hair cut around.
 This is her now.
And this was what she looked like before this week.

Friday, March 18, 2011


This morning I want to talk about moving. Since this blog is about My life here in Idaho I think I should probably tell you I'm moving to Arizona in about two and a half months. I never really thought I'd move, simply because my dad has been looking for a different place ever since we moved to Idaho. Which was fourteen years ago. So we've been working our tails off for the past few weeks trying to get packed up and everything ready. There are boxes on the stairs, there are boxes in my room, and our library, which once contained hundreds of books, is now bare. With a huge stack of boxes next to it. Just so you know, I  hate being the new girl. It's one of those things that I'm just not comfortable with and I've been way too often in the past while to be okay with. So as I look at these boxes I wonder whats gonna happen to me two states down. And so when, the other day, I was driving down twelfth street in Nampa,  I realized that now that we're moving I can't imaging staying here anymore. I had thought I'd graduate from high school here. maybe even get married here in my parents back yard. But now I really don't know what I'd do if I stayed here. So as that song on the radio says, Maybe it's time to change.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is a girl who is competing for my gymnastics studio. As yet I do not have a picture of myself doing gymnastics except when I was four years old. Unfortunately that picture is not in a computer so I was unable to post it on here. This picture however is from the studio I go to's competition and is of a hard but very cool move to do.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gymnastics Serenity cont.

So I started up gymnastics again last week. After christmas break I couldn't go so I haven't been able to for a while. Last night I was watching a very tall person doing a back hand spring and I wondered how really tall people manage it. It takes forever for their legs to flip over with the rest of them and I just don't know what to do about it. They must have the hardest time with it. Half the time I just expect them to flop over in a mess of tangles body parts. I'm glad that is not ever a problem I have to deal with. If theres one thing thats good about being small, is it doesn't take so long to get around yourself.